Frequently Asked


Below are a some frequently asked questions and answers that we have been asked over the years for your information but please contact us if you have any questions not covered below.

Q. Will we have to remove and dispose of our old kitchen and tiles before you arrive to fit our new kitchen?

A. Only if you want to keep costs down although most clients prefer for us to take care of that for them.


Q. We are giving our old kitchen to a relative to put in their house. Will you take the old kitchen out carefully or do you smash it up to get it out?

A. So long as we know beforehand we will be as careful as we can although you can never tell how intact old units will come out. We could even give your relative a price for new worktops and appliances if need be.


Q. Our ceiling needs re-boarding or lowering and will need coving. Will you be able to take care of that too?

A. We would be only too pleased to do so. We will even paint it for you to save you struggling once the units are fitted.


Q.We are hoping to have the kitchen floor replaced before the new kitchen goes in. Will this cause you any problems?

A. Normally it is adviseable to have the floor laid after the kitchen is fitted dependinging on the floor covering. It is best to discuss the matter decide on a plan of action as soon as possible.


Q. We have been told that our fuseboard need replacing to bring it up to date with current leglislation as it has no RCD protection. Would we have to get this done before the kitchen is fitted?

A. Yes if you have an electrician lined up to do it, but as we have an NICEIC registered electrician on hand, let us give you a quote and it could be done at the same time as the kitchen is installed.


Q.Our boiler is on its last legs, and needs replacing. We want to have it replaced but dont know exactly what the best                         position is for it in the kitchen, so can you advise us?

A. Again we have a Corgi Registered Heating Engineer available so why not keep the distruption to a minimum and let us take care of that too. Our engineer will advise you what type and size of boiler you need, and the best position for it to go. It may even be possible to hide it inside a cupboard!


Q. We want you to do our kitchen, but want an electrician friend to do all the electrics. Would this be OK?

A. Certainly, so long as we can discuss the required loads and locations of the supplies, and of course that he is fully qualified. More often that not though friends can let you down, so it may be better to have all the work done together.


Q. Will we have to find a tiler and a decorator to come in when the kitchen is finished?

A. Once again, we can give you a quotation based on everything from a dry fit to one that includes almost every aspect.


Q. Are you able to arrange finance for us or take payment by credit card?

A. As we are a small family business and try to keep our overheads to a minimun we do not get involved in arranging finance as we leave that to the banks. We can however take payment for goods or services by credit or debit card via PayPal. or Google CheckoutIf you dont already have a Paypal account sign up for one here or sign up for a Google Checkout account here then you will be able to pay by credit card but please mention this at the time of survey.


Q. We have been recommended to you by a friend, but would like to fit our own kitchen. Would you be able to design and supply us with one of your kitchens?

A. No problem. This is an expanding area of the business. We would be pleased to advise on your project, and will always be available to offer assitance if required.


Q. We just want to bring our existing kitchen up to date by changing the sink, worktops and appliances. Would you be interested in giving us a quote?

A. We are always interested in looking at any kitchen related work no matter how small. Why not give us a call?


Q. Do you supply kitchen accessories like magic corners, larder pullouts etc as we have moved and we want to improve it?

A. We can supply you with any item for your kitchen from an automatic waste bin to an automatic coffee machine.


Q. Do you have a showroom where we can see kitchen displays?

A. We don't have a showroom but instead come to you to design and discuss your new kitchen requirements in the comfort of your own home. After viewing brochures and photographs and arriving at your new design, we will prepare your quotation and present it you you on a subsequent visit along with sample doors of your chosen kitchen. If required, we can show you examples of completed projects where you can inspect our work and chat with other extremely happy customers.